Working with San Pedro – the fundamentals

This comprehensive experiential workshop gives participants the opportunity to begin their personal relationship with this powerful heart centred medicine.


Workshop: Working with San Pedro – the fundamentals

This practical experiential four-hour workshop provides participants with the foundation for a successful ceremony, a ceremony where they gain the utmost from their future work with the medicine.

We will explore areas where participants often have challenges. You will receive tips on how to overcome these challenges

Participants will be given an overview of the medicine and how to work with it to acquire maximum benefit, the importance of letting go, trusting and being in ones heart among other key aspects.

We will explore the three stages of a ceremony:

Stage 1             Pre ceremony and preparation

Stage 2            Ceremony – how to hold ones energy

Stage 3            Post ceremonies, integration and going back into the world

We will look at each participant’s dreams and aspirations for their medicine work and how to hold these during a ceremony. Working with plant medicines is a very different experience for most people. At Hummingbird Retreat we like to give the opportunity to align with the spirit of the medicine.

Workshop duration:                  4 hours


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