Healing Services

Hummingbird Retreat Peru offers a range of modalities to support guests healing programs and journeys. There are modalities offered to support opening to ones medicine journey, to work with issues that come up and to support the all important re-integration back into ones life and world. We also offer many of these modalities remotely when one is back at home.
Healing sessions need to be organised at least 24 hours in advance.

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  • Crystal Healing

    During a healing session the consciousness of the crystal(s) assist to release blockages, heal and realign the clients energetic system.

  • Energetic Healing

    Working with the clients’ energetic bodies to release blockages, heal, balance and realign their energetic system.

  • Floral baths

    Our floral baths are individually selected from the flowers and herbs growing in the garden.  These baths help participants to release stress, tension and heavy energy and open to the work ahead.

  • Flower Essences

    Hummingbird San Pedro flower essence has been created from cactus flowers on the property.  This essence facilitates beginning the work with this medicine or can be used as a stand alone product.  Australian Bush Flower essences are also available to support healing and transformation.

  • Holistic & Transpersonal Counseling

    We believe crisis, illness and challenges are a call to inner connection in the context of growth.  Working with the interconnectedness of body, mind, spirit and the world to facilitate healing and personal awareness.

  • Holistic Life Coaching

    At times we all need support to move forward with our life.  Holistic life coaching works with your goals and desires to create the changes and growth you aspire to in your life and world.

  • Meditation

    Meditation is an integral part of the plant-medicine journey, and an essential component of virtually all spiritual traditions. We believe meditation to be particularly important for the integration of the San Pedro experience into everyday life.

  • Mentoring

    We offer soul centered support both during the time with us and also for the important return to life back at home.

  • Rituals

    Rituals are a powerful way to mark important beginnings, events and transitions in life.  They offer us the opportunity to open into our connection with spirit, experiencing the sacred space within this connection and allowing this connection to support the changes, which are a natural part, the circle of life.

    Rituals help us to let go of what has passed, embrace what is present and step forward into what is waiting for us.

  • Sanskrit and Sacred Sound

    Sanskrit is known in several cultures as the language of the gods. In India, it is used as a sacred sound to open up to the divine state of consciousness. Sacred sound is very much used in traditional healing in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes. We offer periodic workshops for those interested in exploring this realm.

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