Donna’s San Pedro Ceremony experience

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A short time ago Hummingbird Retreat Peru invited our readers to share their personal experiences with San Pedro ceremonies. This sharing gives you the opportunity to hear about a variety of transformational and healing experiences people encounter with the medicine and a greater understanding of how this work could change your life.

Some of our friends have experienced their ceremonies with other facilitators as in the following offering from Donna, the second in our series.


I took San Pedro in Peru with Shaman in 2010.

Before entering into the experience I asked the universe to show me the next step for humanity. I had visions and an altered state for around 7 hrs. The majority of my visions were of the amazon. I was not just connected but actually the plants, flowers, birds, air, water, earth and sky.

The vision showed me that I already know the answer to my question …. I am the answer, we are all the answer. We need to look inside not outside. We need to release our fears, judgements and hurts, one at a time and accept each for being as they are. Above all else trust ourselves!

Donna Morrison – Australia



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