How to Get to Hummingbird Retreat – Pisaq

Map & Directions to Hummingbird Retreat – Pisaq
(1.2 Km – about 15 minutes walk)

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From the top left (NW) corner of the main plaza in Pisaq, follow Ave. Cuzco for two blocks to the edge of the pueblo, overlooking the maize fields.
Turn right and within 50 meters is the Capilla, a small white chapel (this is as far as a taxi can go).
Follow the path (Pata Calle) that goes past the chapel and contours around the terraced fields of ‘Pata Pata’.
The path ends at a farm (Juqui Huerto); about 100m before the end of the path, up on the right side, is the house and gardens – see photo.

House : original reduced - 800 x 600 (360KB)Hummingbird Retreat - Pisaq









Sometimes you can get get a three-wheeled moto-taxi to take you along Pata Calle (try asking for ‘Chihuanco’).
Occasionally they can bring you to the front door, but more usually drop you off at the corner of the sharp left/right turn in the path – continue walking for a couple of minutes, until you see the house.

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