San Pedro Ceremonies – By Request

San Pedro Ceremonies can be arranged for individuals, groups and as well as part of other programs.


San Pedro Ceremonies can be arranged for individuals, for groups and as part of other programs.  These ceremonies are held at Hummingbird Retreat as well as at times on location at Sacred Sites and beautiful locales in the surrounding Mountains.  These locales all influence the ceremony with their unique energy.

We only use fresh cactus for the ceremonies that we hold which gives each ceremony a unique life force and energetic imprint.

Ceremonies can be arranged from 1 people to 20 people.  Ceremonies from 1 – 10 people have 1 facilitator and from 11 – 20 people have 2 facilitators.

For those wishing to be a part of the medicine making this may be held the day before the ceremony and gives participants an opportunity to connect to the medicine.  The medicine preparation  process takes around 2.5 hours depending on the participants and size of the group.




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