Our Offerings

  • San Pedro Ceremonies

    Ceremonies are held in our magical garden, amongst terraces of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and the San Pedro terrace. The garden has been created with areas where participants can gather or have time alone, surrounded by stunning views of the local mountains and the surrounding valley.
  • Healing Services

    Hummingbird Retreat Peru offers a range of modalities to support guests healing programs and journeys. There are modalities offered to support opening to ones medicine journey, to work with issues that come up and to support the all important re-integration back into ones life and world. We also offer many of these modalities remotely when one is back at home. Healing sessions need to be organised at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Healing Retreats

    Hummingbird Retreat Peru offers a variety of healing retreats – either pre-set programs or custom programs. Pre-set programs are a combination of various elements including San Pedro ceremonies, rituals and a variety of other healing services, depending on the needs of the client. Custom packages can be created by individuals in consultation with Suzanne, to develop the ideal program for you and/or your group. Custom packages can include a combination of San Pedro ceremonies, rituals and a variety of other healing services.
  • Workshops/Activities

    We offer a range of workshops and activities both at the retreat space and various other locations.
  • Events

    From time to time we offer special events. Information on these events will be posted on the blog as well as on the calendar.


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