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Bobbie’s San Pedro Ceremony experience

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A short time ago Hummingbird Retreat Peru invited our readers to share their personal experiences with San Pedro ceremonies. This sharing will give you the opportunity to hear about a variety of transformational and healing experiences people encounter with the medicine and a greater understanding of how this work could change your life.

Today we begin the first of the series with Bobbie’s offering.

Paul told me 3 things would happen when drinking San Pedro…..

Firstly, my life would never be the same. 

Understatement!! Since working with Paul and Sue and the sacred San Pedro I have connected with and opened my heart to a level I could not have dreamt. I no longer carry the heavy burdens of fear and negativity, this gives me a freedom I had never felt before.

Not only did I heal deep, painful and long held family issues, my relationship with my father is not only repaired it is growing into the deep loving relationship I’ve longed for all my life, this is a wonderful gift.

Also after 30yrs of no contact with my mum, thankfully just before she died, I got to tell her how much love I have for her and to thank her for the precious gift of my life. I believe working with San Pedro paved the path for these things to happen

Secondly, you will make a connection with the people you drink with. 

I met some truly wonderful people while working with the medicine, a lot of them way outside of my normal peer group. Feel very blessed that many of these people are still in my life and we share a lot of love and support still today. Even the people I found challenging all taught and or showed me something. I am truly grateful to each and everyone of them.

Thirdly, the journey is never over. 

This fills me with deep gratitude and happiness as my path has never felt so beautiful as it is today. Even saying that feels good! There are times when the going gets tough and my mind tries to play the old games that I used to allow it. But working with San Pedro I now have the tools and wisdom to bring myself back into my heart space to see and feel the real reality. This is still work in progress but it gets easier all the time.

My gratitude to Paul and Sue will be eternal. For all their love and support. For creating the safe, peaceful and beautiful place that is Hummingbird Retreat and for so generously sharing it . For bringing the spirit and wisdom of the Sacred San Pedro not just to me but many others.


Bobbie Thacker – UK

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