Sacred Journey to Peru 2010

Sacred Journey to Peru 2010 presented the chance to experience both the Andes and the Amazon jungle, both with their unique healing paths. In the mountains we worked with the beautiful heart opening San Pedro, the Quero shamans and a traditional coca leaf reader and within a 6000-hectare ecological reserve in the Amazon there were three profound Ahayuasca ceremonies.   We camped at 3800 m on the sacred Pachatusan Mountain and travelled to other sacred sites on the mountain by horseback. A highlight for the participants was a gifting ceremony where we had the opportunity to give back to the locals after receiving so much from them and the amazing places that we visited.

Sacred Journey to Peru 2010

Itinerary Highlights

  • Magical Cusco
  • Quero ceremonies
  • Coca leaf reading
  • San Pedro ceremonies in the Andes
  • Ahayuasca ceremonies in the Amazon jungle
  • Tipon sacred site
  • Piquillata sacred site
  • Amazon jungle reserve
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