Journey into the Mystery – Peru & Bolivia 2011

This transformational journey offered the opportunity to delve into the mystery of ancient South American cultures, the majestic Andean Mountains and ones self. We began in Cusco, capital of the Incan empire, stayed in a beautiful Hacienda outside of Cusco. Visited Machu Picchu the best-known archaeological site in South America and a spectacular location. For a unique experience of the high Andes we travelled to Lake Titicaca, which was a cradle for Peru’s ancient civilizations.

We were gifted by time spent the Quero shamans considered to be “The Keepers of Incan Wisdom” and who hold a profound and sacred connection to their home, the Andes. We experienced traditional ceremonies, plant ceremonies and meditations at sacred sites in the Andes.


Itinerary highlights
  • Cusco
  • Hacienda Huasau
  • San Pedro ceremony at Tipon
  • San Pedro ceremony at Choco Pujillo
  • Lake Titicaca 3900m
  • Racchi archeological site
  • Amantani Island
  • Isla del Sol Bolivia