Food Provisions

At Hummingbird Retreat, healthy, wholesome, fresh and organic produce are an integral part of our philosophy.

In-depth personal work has the potential to have varying effects on participants’ eating habits, therefore this system provides the most flexibility to suit your needs.

Preparing food for yourself:

A large variety of fresh produce and other food ingredients are provided for your convenience. Your accommodation has its own kitchen allowing you to prepare and consume food at your leisure.  You can choose the food that feeds your body, nurtures your soul and enlivens your spirit.

Organic garden:

The property itself has an extensive organic garden that frequently flourishes with a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, ensuring there is always something ready to be harvested.  Our fresh and dried herbal teas, jams and pickles are also on hand.

Fresh local produce:

If you have ever delighted in eating beautiful fresh organic eggs from a local farmers market, you will be equally delighted with our home laid eggs. The chooks have free range of the garden, they are organically fed and very happy; as a result they provide a daily supply of fantastic eggs for a variety of cooking options, amongst our most popular and locally famous include our homemade ice cream and quiches.

Our friendly neighbours supply fresh milk, honey and cream, making our homemade treats amongst the most desirable in the local area. Local and well-tendered cows and bees contribute to the wholesomeness of these ingredients.

Amazing Amazon produce:

We also provide an assortment of fresh fruit from the amazon jungle. Produce from the jungle is transported without cold storage and ready for consumption within just a few days from picking. Amongst the variety of jungle fruits include an array of mangos, pineapples, cherimoya, papaya, fresh ginger, turmeric and more exotic jungle foods. These vibrant ingredients make wonderful smoothies combined with super foods of the Andes and the jungle.

Dietary requirements:

We cater to a range of dietary options including meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free.

For any other dietary requirements please contact us.

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